This is a list of my latest projects in a chronological order. When I will get some free time, I will add some of my older projects as well.

NameDescriptionLanguagesFrameworks/LibrariesLicenseAvailable on
HTML TablesorterSmall package for transforming a normal table into a sortable table.DartDart::Html, UnittestMITPub
TtfToPngApp for extracting png images from TrueType font files. JavaSwing, SwingX, JUnitMITSoon to come.
Ninja ImageSteganography app for hiding messages into pixelsC#GTK#, PangoCommercial Ubuntu Software Center
Simple Web CrawlerSimple web crawler script for indexing links.PerlWWW::Mechanize, LWP::Simple MIT Github
GrandTrunk Currency APIAPI library for the GrandTrunk Currency Web Service

C#RestSharp, NUnitMIT Github

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