Ninja Image

Ninja Image is a commercial steganography app that allows you to embed hidden messages into pictures.

Currently is available on Ubuntu Software Center, but I also plan to make a Windows version for Intel AppUp.

Why Ninja Image?

+You want to embed secret information understandable only by a select few into pictures shared over social networks like Google+ or public forums.
+You want to exchange information like passwords or other sensitive data over an insecure transmission protocol, like email.
+You just want to impress your friends and co-workers with your sneaky ways.

Windows – Soon to come

If you use the app, tell me how you like it. Also, I'm open to ideas for future apps or improving NinjaImage. Leave me a comment below!
+Do not change the format of the picture or its size after you encrypted it. Such operations may alter your message.
+You can save encrypted pictures only by using the bmp, png or tiff formats.