Organizing your Gists with GistBox

Github Gist is one of the most used pastebins at the moment, but from my point of view is deficient when it comes to organizing stuff.

On this blog I use Gist to display various code snippets in my posts. Such as this one:
A problem which I encountered when using Gist was the fact that I didn't had the possibility to organize my snippets. In the long run, this could have turned into a major issue. But, luckily, I found out about GistBox.

GistBox is an app which connects to your Github account and allows you to organize your gists in folders using labels.
How my GistBox looks like
As you can see in the screenshot above, you can use multiple labels for each of your gists and let the obsessive-compulsive in you take control :-).

GistBox is available as a "normal" web app and as a Chrome App.

Q: Do you know other similar tools which do this? Leave me a comment!

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