A Simple Web Crawler in Perl

What's a web crawler? A web crawler is "a internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of web indexing".

Well, I got bored one night and decided to write one in Perl.

Here's the result:


If you want to use it, you have the following options:

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GrandTrunk Currency API in C#

Today I just finished a client API for the GrandTrunk historic currency conversion web service.

The web service allows the following:
  • Getting a list of the supported currencies according to a specified date
  • Converting a currency to another according to the rate of a specified date
  • Retrieving a list of conversion rates between 2 currencies according to a specified time interval.
If you are interested in using it, you can find it on Github.

Here's how you can use it:

You can find the library on:


Q: Do you know other free web services which provide similar features? Leave me a link!

Always Obtaining a Future Date in C#

I was working today on building a C# REST client for a historic currency conversion web service and needed to write the unit tests.

A historic currency conversion web service it is a web service that allows the retrieval of the exchange rate of 2 currencies from a specified past date. In order to prevent the user from sending a bad data to the service, I employed some simple measures to verify the user input.

In order to simulate error cases in the unit tests I needed to find a method to create a date that will always be in the future. Below you can see my solution:
The main idea is that you will never know for how much time your software will be used, so it's better to play it safe :-).

Q: Since I was talking about past and future, what is the oldest library you wrote and still use today?