HTML Tablesorter Package in Dart

Between trying to remember the Hurwitz criterion for stability, how a thyristor works and minimizing functions with Veitch-Karnaugh diagrams for my bachelor's degree exam (I major in Software Engineering, but the final exam also included topics from physics, analog circuits, control theory, etc), I managed to get some free time to work a little bit on improving the design of my blog.

This resulted in a simple HTML Tablesorter package for my Projects and Tutorials pages.

I have chosen Dart because I was really curious to see what was all the fuss about. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the language (reminds me of C\C++\Java).

How to use:



The package is available on:

Pub (the package manager for Dart)
Github (source)

Q: How do you think the package can be improved? Do you have any new features in mind? Leave me a comment!

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