C# Mapping Enums To Comboboxes with Style

I was working on my bachelor degree project (a code generator for Atmega16) these days and found myself having a nasty enum/combobox problem.

I usually map a enum directly to the data source of a combobox. Unfortunately for the enum below, it didn't look the way I wanted:

Ugly mapping
I wouldn't want for the user to see the leading underscore. Furthermore, I wanted to find a solution in which I could display instead of _16k something like 16000 Cycles without complicating myself too much.

I did some research and I found a solution here. Stated briefly, you need to derive a class from TypeConverter (see the implementation I found here) and start writing your enums like this:

Good-looking mapping
The main idea is that if you use a TypeConverter, you can break the dependency between the name of the enum and what's displayed in your combobox.

In case you didn't knew, here's how you map an enum to a combobox and set/get the selected item::

Q: Do you know other (better/simpler) methods for mapping enums to comboboxes? Leave me a comment, if so.

See here the example source files
Download here the entire C# code examples collection

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